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Being a lifelong resident of California, I have decided to throw my name in the hat for State Senate.  I am NOT a Politician and DO NOT claim to be a Politician. I’m just your everyday California citizen that wants the best for our State.  Our politicians have forgot they work for us, the CITIZENS, NOT the other way around and NOT for special interest groups.  We know what’s best for us, NOT policy makers in Sacramento. Every time we turn around, we see our basic rights and liberties taken away; new taxes imposed; restrictive legislation implemented; misleading information; and an increasing deterioration of living.

California needs change. California State Taxes are among the highest nationwide. California went from a 30 billion surplus to a 54.3 billion Deficit. California unemployment went from 4% to 15.5%. All within the last year. There will be more to come.  Its time to put a stop to this and hold elective representatives responsible.

Let’s stop the Super majority! The opposition has been in control since 1970, its time for a changing of the guard, together we can make our Great State Better. NO more catering to special interest groups. NO more taxes. NO more misinformation. No more back door deals. Put common sense back in Sacramento.

California is overdue for realignment – let's work together and make it happen.

I look forward to becoming your next State Senator.       

Thanks for your support,

                Now LET’S GET to WORK


Let's make California better together,




Rod Taylor

For State Senate District 31

PO Box 6674

Norco, CA 92860

760 447 2623

“Cowboy, Patriot, American”

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