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I have lived in CA my whole life, Norco in District 31 since 1999 - here is how I came to run - I was filling out my absentee ballot noticed our current State Senator was uncontested - I called the Riverside Republican office and asked who was the write in - they informed me there was no candidate that ran - I couldn’t believe it – I did a last minute thing, drove down to the registrar’s office, filled out all the paper work, got the 60 signatures to qualify for a write in - and here we are - keep in mind this was the Friday on Presidents day - all paperwork was due the following Tuesday –

I consider myself an Old School Republican – meaning the LESS Government the Better – Bring back decision making to local levels, not driven by special interest groups and Sacramento. I did sign the recall Newsome Campaign - I did vote yes to repeal the gas tax – I am a strong supporter of our 2nd amendment - I am against sanctuary states and cities - I am against AB-5 - I believe we should put our veterans, first responders, and our citizens first - I do not believe everybody has the right to a driver license - I would work with Chad Bianco, our fine sheriff, to fix the homeless problem we are seeing - Having a student loan myself, I do not believe in Student Loan forgiveness – I support repeal and replace Obamacare - I support term limits for all elected officials - 

We need to stop the insanity up in Sacramento - this Democrat super majority needs to stop - We need somebody,  to quote Nancy -"Just Say No" - let’s put some common sense back in leadership - For work I own a small business –  a Beverage Wholesaler - we specialize in family owned start up brands – I am not a politician,  I am just a proud American Citizen that wants to do the right think for our Country, State, County, and Towns -

If you have questions or need more information please feel free to contact me anytime



Rod Taylor

For State Senate District 31

PO Box 6674

Norco, CA 92860

760 447 2623

“Cowboy, Patriot, American”


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